hearken! - ticking

For Blare/awree


My signed MIsha Mansoor signature overdrive and Misha’s old T-rex The Twister that I bought off him.

I ran every pedal in my set through the ringer to figure out what’s staying on the board and what I’m shelving for now.

Final picture is the tentative lineup (I’m moving the Overdrive to the end of the massive fuzz chain and maybe adding another delay or the superego for dicking around i’m not sure yet.

hearken! - track_05

Preview of a track from my upcoming album of drone/glitch/noise work

Stay tuned!

hearken! - it is fall now

a remix of a friend of mine’s song (http://awree.bandcamp.com)

Ambient glitch, drone, enjoy.



ebook or something by blare coughlin

my friend did a book!

Hey I wrote a little ebook titled a book about healing dealing with some pretty heavy feelings swirling around my head at midnight, March 22nd, 2014 check it out if you want


DRONE_707 - test_hearken!

Test of Ellen’s Korg-707, enjoy.

Definition: “Noided”

Fear of open spaces behind you

Everything feels not real site:answers.yahoo.com

How long can you stay awake before you die?


Calming teas

DRONE_01 - hearken!

Space Drone - 2 minutes

Camera opens on black:
Slow pan down as a ship crawls into frame
It rumbles overhead
Beneath (frame bottom) we see a sparse landscape, 
there are visible scorch marks on a hill.
Two small ships tumble helplessly through the frame,
there are no signs of life in the engines nor the cockpits

Jump large ship’s interior:
Metallic scraping emanates as a jagged rock tears through the ship’s belly
Air hisses into the vacuum.

Jump outside ship, side view:
The large vessel gently touches down with a poof of dust, but no sound
Behind the ship’s wreckage we can see a distant flashing light.

The camera clicks in once-
the blinking object is the size of the screen.
the frame pans right gently to follow it.

It appears to be an unmanned camera,
we follow the light as it blinks and translates sideways.

Suddenly the view is obstructed by a large object,
the camera clicks out once-
we are shown a large vessel with several smaller ones darting in and out of it
the camera clicks out again-

Cut to black